Dr. Roshan Abbasi

Dr. Roshan Abbasi

FMH, Mb ChB MRCS MD FRCS Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Surgeon

Dr Abbasi has worked in UK, Paris, Barcelona, Switzerland, Moscow, Beijing & Nanchang (China).

The focus on eliminating the cause, not just treating the symptoms. 

It’s the newest — and oldest — cure for aging.

Its discovery is recent, but what lies at the heart of it — stem cells and telomerase activators — 
have always been within us.

Our ancestors thrived by supporting and nurturing their stem cells through a primal diet, a pristine natural 
environment and physical exertion. But today’s unhealthy eating habits, toxic environment and sedentary 
lifestyle have upended that balance. So, what can we do  to keep aging from happening so rapidly?

The best known ways science knows of now to slow down telomere shortening to live longer:

  • Don’t smoke. 

Smoking is not only hazardous to your lungs and cardiovascular health, but is also found to increase rate of telomere shortening, which can lead to dysfunction and instability of chromosomes.

  • De-stress your life. 

The more stress you have in your life, the greater risk of increasing the rate of telomere shortening and aging more quickly. How to slow it down? As simple as it might sound, the key is to always have a positive outlook on life. Plus, enjoy a vacation once in a while, enjoy friends and social activities, receive plenty of sleep every night, and try meditation.

  • Exercise regularly. 

By increasing amounts of physical activity, especially intense physical activity, research shows you could keep your telomeres long and healthy, even buffering the effects of chronic stress.

  • Get your antioxidants daily. 

When high amounts of free radicals attack cells (causing oxidative stress), they leave no stone unturned making chromosomes and their telomeres vulnerable to shortening. You can best protect yourself by getting plenty of antioxidants in your diet from eating fruits and vegetables daily and supplements. 

  • Never go without fish oil. 

Fish oil contains long-chain omega-3 fatty acids that are well-known for being healthy to the heart, but recent evidence has shown that increasing amounts in the diet is associated also with slowing telomere shortening over time. You can get enough by eating fish a couple of times per week and by supplementing with long-chain omega-3s daily. 

  • Get enough of the “sunshine vitamin.” 

Several discoveries have made vitamin D the most popular nutrient of the decade because of its many benefits including an association with longer telomere length. You can make sure you’re getting enough by practicing safe sun exposure and supplementing with vitamin D daily. 

  • Practice safe weight loss. 

Maintaining a healthy weight is important to keep telomeres long. Incorporating Isagenix products into your weight-loss program such as cleansing and replacing meals with IsaLean shakes and bars is helpful for losing weight and slowing telomere shortening.