Sexual Health Therapist

Sexual Health Therapist


Sex therapy is a specific type of psychotherapy that I use which will support your well-being with sex and sexual satisfaction.

Sex therapy is simply a specialized way of treating your sexual concerns from a psychological perspective, including addressing any mental health conditions that may relate to or arise from these concerns. 

In cases where a medical issue may be related to your sexual concerns, I be working with Dr. Samowitz to create the optimal treatment protocol for you.

Sex therapy may include (but not limited to):

  • Identify the root causes of your sexual concerns
  • Alleviate your confusion and worrying
  • Understand what works for you and your partner’s arousal preferences and needs
  • Improve your communication around sex
  • Learn exercises and techniques to enhance sexual satisfaction
  • Change how you show desire and affection beyond sex
  • Create ways to manage your anxiety for arousal and ejaculatory control
  • Evaluate your dependency on pornography for sexual arousal
  • Increase your understanding of your masturbation habits and how this might shape your sexual arousal which may not be conducive to arousal or functioning with your partner
  •  Clarify your perceptions of your sexuality


Who would benefit from seeing Alana Gissen….

Just about anyone who has concerns or even curiosities related to sex and intimacy might benefit from seeing me. 

Sex therapy is a great way to prioritize your sexual health and well-being, and I can provide you with a compassionate, non-judgmental environment in which to explore your sexuality. Contrary to common misunderstanding, sex therapy does not involve sexual contact with me or in front of me. 

Sex therapy can help individuals or couples. We can begin to address your sexual concerns together.


Structure of sex therapy sessions….

Early sessions are “get to know you” time …. In our first few sessions, I will likely want to get a sense of the context surrounding your concerns and may ask you detailed questions about your life and your sexual history. This is an intensive evaluation and assessment so that we can begin to identify any physical, psychological, relational and or psychosexual causes of your concerns.

In later sessions, we will dive into more contextual details with an added focus on sexuality and whatever specific challenges you’re interested in focusing on. Suggested homework assignments are often apart of your therapy as well. You could expect me to be non-judgmental and to portray my own comfort in giving and receiving sexual information.

You can expect to be talking explicitly and in detail about sex. One cannot solve sexual problems by talking around them! Neither can one gain new sexual information unless clear, direct instruction is given!


I can offer Teletherapy to you if you live in the State of Florida and would like to reclaim your sex life today.

All you will need for Teletherapy is a computer, smartphone, tablet or iPad. From the comfort of your home at a convenient time for you, I am here to help. . We will talk online and begin to create solutions to alleviate your stress.

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